Actinocheita F.A. Barkley

Polygamodioecious shrubs or trees. Leaves deciduous, alternate, imparipinnate, petiolate; leaflets sessile, densely pubescent. Inflorescences axillary panicles. Perianth 5-parted, densely pubescent; petals imbricate; androecium haplostemonous; anthers ovoid; filaments thickened and longer than anthers, pilose; pistillode reduced; staminodes reduced; disk modified into a gynophore; carpels 3, densely pubescent, trichomes often surpassing styles; styles 3, short; stigmas capitate; ovule basal. Drupe probably wind dispersed, globose, 1-locular; exocarp reddish brown, covered with very long-villous, violet-reddish trichomes.

A single species, A. filicina, endemic to south central Mexico. (Actinocheita potentillifolia (Turcz.) Bullock is a synonym.)

Original Publication: Actinocheita F.A. Barkley, Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 24: 2 (1937).

Synonym: Rhus L. (1753), p. p.

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