Androtium Stapf in Hook.

Hermaphrodite trees. Leaves evergreen, alternate, spiral, simple, petiolate, entire and recurved; primary and secondary veins prominent on ad- and abaxial surfaces. Inflorescences axillary panicles, pubescent. Flowers pedicellate, articulate, perianth (4–)5-parted, imbricate; petals pink with white tips; androecium diplostemonous; filaments subulate; anthers basifixed; connective apically bilobed, prolonged and dilated; disk glabrous, cupular and crenulate; carpels 5, connate at the base, pilose, only 1 (larger) fertile; style obscure; stigma oblique, slightly lateral; ovules 5, basal, only 1 fertile. Drupe lentiform, apex depressed, 5-locular.
A single species, A. astylum in peninsular Malaysia and Borneo. Androtium is very similar in its gynoecium morphology to Buchanania, which has recently been shown to be a member of Spondioideae. Future studies may reveal that Androtium should also be recognized in this subfamily.

Original Publication:  Androtium Stapf in Hook., Ic. Pl.: t. 2763 (1903).

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Androtium from Icones Plantarum XXVIII Pl. 2763 1903