Apterokarpos C. T. Rizzini

Dioecious shrubs or trees. Leaves deciduous, alternate, imparipinnate, petiolate; leaflets opposite to subopposite. Inflorescences terminal panicles. Flowers subsessile to pedicellate; perianth 5-parted, imbricate; androecium haplostemonous; anthers dorsifixed; pistillode 0; staminodes reduced; disk glabrous; carpels 3; style simple; stigma 3-lobed; ovule 1. Drupe dry, oblique, laterally compressed, obovoid to discoid with persistent calyx; 1-locular.

A single species, A. gardneri, endemic to the Caatinga of northeastern Brazil.

Original Publication: Apterokarpos C. T. Rizzini, Leandra 5(6): 40 (1975).

Synonyms: Loxopterygium Hook. f. (1862), p. p.

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