Malosma Nutt. ex Abrams

Polygamodioecious shrubs or trees. Leaves evergreen, alternate, simple, petiolate, entire, longitudinally plicate. Inflorescences terminal thyrsoids. Flowers pedicellate; perianth 5-parted, imbricate; corolla whitish; androecium haplostemonous; pistillode reduced; staminodes reduced; disk glabrous; carpels 3; styles 3, short; stigmas 3; ovule basal. Drupe laterally compressed, glabrous, 1-locular; exocarp white; mesocarp thick, waxy; endocarp bony.

A single species, M. laurina, in chaparral of southern California south to central Baja California, Mexico. Malosma is segregated from Rhus on the basis of having a white exocarp and lacking glandular trichomes.

Original Publication: Malosma Nutt. ex Abrams, Fl. Los Angeles 3: 220 (1917).

Synonyms: Rhus sect. Venenatae Engl. (1881), p. p.
Rhus subg. Malosma Nutt. ex Torr. and A. Gray (1838).

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