Micronychia Oliv.

Dioecious trees with clear to milky exudate. Leaves evergreen, alternate to subopposite, simple, sessile or petiolate, entire. Inflorescences terminal and/or axillary panicles, often pendulous. Perianth 5-parted; calyx very small, sepals more or less basally connate; corolla imbricate, white, cream-colored, yellow, pink, or red; androecium haplostemonous; filaments straight to sigmoid; anthers dorsifixed; pistillode reduced; staminodes reduced; disk glabrous, annular to cup-shaped; carpels 3; style 3-branched, lateral; stigmas capitate; ovule apical. Drupe small, sigmoid, 1-locular; exocarp with longitudinal striations visible when dry; mesocarp fleshy.

Ten species endemic to Madagascar.

Original Publication: Micronychia Oliv. in Hook., Icon. Pl. 14: 27, t. 1337 (1881)

Bibliography: Randrianasolo, Adansonia III, 22: 145–155 (2000), rev.; Randrianasolo & Lowry II, Adansonia III, 31: 157—168 (2009), key.

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