Myracrodruon Allem.

Dioecious trees with contact dermatitis-causing exudate. Leaves deciduous, alternate, imparipinnate, petiolate; leaflets petiolulate, entire or serrate. Inflorescences terminal and/or axillary thyrsoids. Flowers pedicellate, articulate; perianth 5-parted, imbricate; corolla greenish-white or cream-colored to purplish; androecium haplostemonous; pistillode reduced; staminodes reduced; disk glabrous, 5-lobed in male flowers and annular in female flowers; carpels 3; styles 3, apical; stigmas capitate; ovule lateral or basal. Drupe subglobose, subtended by persistent stiffened and expanded sepals, 1-locular; exocarp brown.

Two or more species in sub-Amazonian Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and northern Argentina. This genus is segregated from Astronium by its ovule position and fruit morphology.

Original Publication: Myracrodruon Allem. in Trab. Comm. Sc. Expl. Ceará; Secc. Bot. 3, tt. 1, 2 (1862)

Synonyms: Astronium Jacq. (1760), p. p.

Bibliography: D. A. Santin & H. de F. Leitão Fo, Revta. Brasil. Bot. 14: 133–145 (1991), rev.

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