Ozoroa Delile

Dioecious subshrubs, shrubs, or trees, with milky exudate. Leaves evergreen, alternate, opposite, or whorled, simple, petiolate, entire. Inflorescences terminal and/or axillary panicles. Flowers pedicellate, articulate; perianth 5-parted, imbricate; corolla patent or inflexed at the apex, white, yellow, or reddish, often pubescent; androecium haplostemonous; filaments subulate; anthers dorsifixed; pistillode very reduced; staminodes reduced; disk glabrous, crenulate; carpels 3; styles 3, slightly connate at base or distinct; stigmas capitate; ovule pendulous, lateral or basal. Drupe transversely reniform, subglobose or globose, 1-locular; exocarp black shiny or red turning black; mesocarp fleshy; endocarp bony. Seed with obovate, compressed.

Forty or more species in sub-Saharan Africa and Yemen.

Original Publication: Ozoroa Delile in Ann. Sc. Nat. II, 20: 91, t. 1 (1843)

Synonyms: Anaphrenium E. Mey. ex Endl. (1841), p. p.
Heeria Meissn. (1837), p. p.

Bibliography: R.B. Fernandes, Garcia de Orta (Lisboa) 14: 19–60 (1966), rev.

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