Garuga Roxb.

Shrubs or trees, sometimes buttressed, bark smooth to reticulate-fissured or shed in large irregular plates; resin cream-colored or pinkish; vascular bundles in pith of branchlets lacking. Leaves usually deciduous, clustered at branchlet ends, sometimes with caducous stipules, imparipinnate, toward leaf base leaflets progressively smaller; stipels often present, inserted at base of lateral petiolules; leaflet margin serrate or irregularly crenate-serrate, rarely subentire.  Inflorescences axillary, usually anticipating leaf flush.  Flowers 5-merous, perigynous, calyx and receptacle forming a campanulate to urceolate hypanthium; calyx valvate; petals distinct, induplicate-valvate; stamens in two subequal or unequal series; filaments inserted on margin of receptacle; anther thecae divergent at base; disk of 10 glandular lobes adnate to receptacle between filament bases; gynoecium (4)5-locular, substipitate; stigma capitate, (4)5-lobed.  Fruit a fleshy, compound drupe, globose to obliquely pyriform but laterally compressed and slightly 2–5-lobed, the pericarp fleshy and sweet, enveloping 1–5 distinct, gibbous, bony, tuberculate, 1-seeded pyrenes.  Cotyledons palmatifid, contortuplicate.  Germination phanerocotylar, first eophylls (sub)opposite, trifoliolate, margin at least sometimes serrate.  n = 13.

About four  spp. distributed in continental SE and S Asia, N and E Malaysia, Java, Borneo, N and W Australia, Philippines, New Guinea, W Pacific region.

Original Publication: Garuga Roxb., Pl. Corom. 3: 5, t. 208 (1811)

Bibliography: Leenhouts, Fl. Males. I, 5: 215–218 (1956).

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