Pseudodacryodes Pierlot

Dioecious trees. Bark gray, finely reticulate-fissured. Leaves exstipulate; toward leaf base the interjuga gradually shortening and leaflet size progressively smaller, basal pair (pseudostipules) close to leaf insertion point; pulvinuli absent; margin entire; intersecondary veins perpendicular to midvein present.. Inflorescences terminal and pseudoracemose.  Perianth 3-parted, aestivation valvate; calyx divided to base; petals with an inflexed apiculum; male flowers unknown; staminodes in 2 subequal series, inserted at base of intrastaminal annular disk; ovary 2-locular, ovoid; style short, stigma capitate and 2-lobed.  Fruit a compound, indehiscent drupe, slightly compressed oblong-ellipsoid, a longitudinal depression on both sides of the fruit marking the 2 locules; mesocarp thin; endocarp thinly cartilaginous; one seed developing in each of the (sub)equal locules. Cotyledons entire, folded.

One sp., P. leonardiana Pierlot,  in the People’s Republic of Congo.

Original Publication: Pseudodacryodes Pierlot, Bull. Jard. Bot. Nat. Belg. 66: 175 (1997).

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