Trattinnickia Willd.

Dioecious trees, rarely shrubby; outer bark thin and smooth in some taxa, in most of sect. Rhoifoliae rough and shallowly to deeply fissured and shed in irregular plates; hoop marks frequently present; resin clear and watery or oily (rarely reported as white), slightly sticky, drying yellowish or white and hard, flammable in some species.  Leaves evergreen, exstipulate, imparipinnate, rachis usually diamond-shaped in cross-section; pulvinuli usually apparent on lateral petiolules and almost always on the terminal ones, often galled; usually one or both leaflet surfaces asperous; leaflets entire; sometimes (sect. Burserifoliae) the vein areoles on the abaxial side defining papilla-filled laminar crypts. Inflorescences axillary or (pseudo-)terminal. Perianth 3-parted; calyx cupular but 3-lobed, valvate, sometimes invested with retrorse hairs abaxially, not persisting in fruit; corolla of 3 partly to mostly connate petals, fleshy, induplicate-valvate, with an inflexed apiculum, both surfaces always with at least some retrorse hairs; stamens of two subequal series; filaments distinct, usually strap-shaped, anthers often continuous with filaments; stamens inserted at or near base of disk; staminodes reduced, inserted on disk rim; disk usually annular, thin in female flowers; pistillode reduced to a conical parenchymatous structure either surmounting the disk or fused with disk to form an ovariodisk;;gynoecium 2–3-locular; style short, stigma 1, capitate, 2—3-lobed. Fruit a compound, indehiscent drupe, depressed-globose to depressed-ovoid; mesocarp oily and resinous; pyrene bony, 2—3-locular and 2—3-lobed, tuberculate, with sutures between the lobes but the carpels not separable, 2–3-horned at apex. Germination hypogeal, phanerocotylar; cotyledons palmatifid; first eophylls alternate, simple.

Approx. 14 spp., Costa Rica south to Brazil and Bolivia (excluding the Caribbean).

Original Publication: Trattinnickia Willd., Sp. Pl. 4: 887 (1805)

Bibliography: Daly, Kew Bull. 54: 129–137 (1999).

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